20 Outstanding Thesis Statement Examples

Thesis statements are extremely important when it comes to writing essays. Thesis statements serve as anchors to guide you while writing your essay. Whether you’re writing an argumentative, expository, explanatory, or analytical essay, you need a thesis statement. Usually, there is a thesis statement template that you may follow to create the best thesis statements. Here, you’ll learn the right thesis structure template and thesis template for essays that you would need while writing.

Thesis Templates

A thesis template is an order or structure that would guide you as you create your thesis statement. Some thesis template essay writings needed will be addressed below.

Argumentative Essay Thesis Template Example

Your argumentative essay thesis statement must include your point, what you’re arguing against, and why your argument is valid. For example:

(What your argument is against) is not nearly as proven a fact as (your point) because (why your argument is valid)


(what you’re arguing against) does not tell (your point). It is only right that (why your argument is valid)

Expository Essays Thesis Structure Template

Your expository thesis templates state more facts about a given topic you are discussing. Irrespective of how you compose it, its features would often look this way:

The (fact one) (fact two), and (fact three) of (the topic of discussion)

Comparative Analysis Thesis Template

Your comparative analysis thesis carries what you’re comparing and the goal of comparison:

Although/while/even though (first subject of comparison) has an atom of truth, (second subject of comparison) may give a truer meaning (reason for analysis)

Outstanding Thesis Template Examples

Each thesis statement example essay given here applies to its essay type.

  1. Even though population increase is one of the primary reasons for global warming, pollution may be a more dominant reason for the earth’s gradual weakness.
  2. Racism is an entirely different ideology from nationalism because while one connotes unity the other is an instigator for hatred and violence.
  3. Although man and apes have similarities in physical, social, and psychological features, the differences in intelligence and evolution are evident for all to see.
  4. Watching movies is a fun and interesting way to digest information but reading books gives the more traditional feeling of acquiring knowledge
  5. Although marriages come with an official entitlement of commitment, live-in relationships tend to always be more true and honest.
  6. With the rising occurrence or more complicated bullying in schools, school systems should include stricter punishments because their use of detention to address the issue has failed
  7. The president’s speech on unity and patriotism is a far cry from the people’s cry for justice against police brutality. Better action should be taken to address the issue.
  8. Intermittent fasting as a technique for weight loss is not entirely foolproof and the best option available because it may only implicate health issues
  9. Legalizing abortion gives room for unprotected sex and catching an infection. It is not the smartest way to handle unwanted things.
  10. Educating people on the risks of smoking cigarettes to their health and letting them keep up with it is no act of kindness. Smoking cigarettes should be banned altogether
  11. The main causes of teen rebellion can be traced to puberty, peer groups, and growing up in general
  12. Traveling is a great way to unwind from the stress of daily living and explore other places. These are the primary reasons traveling remains a common practice
  13. Food supplements may continue to be consumed across the globe because they contain nutrients all age groups need for daily healthy living.
  14. The main reason why high school students aspire to go to college is for academic pursuit and to meet societal standards.
  15. Rape victims go through a lot of physical and mental trauma. They need all the help they can get for their health and justice served.
  16. The movie Superboy fails to achieve its goal of portraying a superior character in an endangered world because of the poor settings used.
  17. The language used in Samuel’s man vs the city is sophisticated but falls short of relating the message in the book
  18. The Sun’s article on global warming is fairly satisfying to read because it addresses the main causes of global warming
  19. The character choice in the movie hell girl is a sharp contrast with the character who played the role in the book originally written
  20. Larry Potter may be one of the most widely watched movies but the storyline is not nearly satisfying enough because of the final episodes.


The importance of thesis statements to your essay cannot be overemphasized. Each thesis template and its thesis template example here will help you write an outstanding thesis.