15 Compare and Contrast Thesis Examples to Inspire You

Compare and contrast thesis are written solely based on comparison. Composing a comparative thesis simply implies writing an essay aimed at defining two or more entities based on their differences and similarities to each other.  With this, it is important to establish a criterion to make any analysis on the two things to be compared and contrasted. A comparative thesis statement is used to introduce the reader or the audience to the result obtained from comparing and the essence of contrasting. While comparing shows the similarities, contrasting identifies the differences between two things. These things should, however, be related or connected in some way.

Writing a Compare and Contrast Thesis Statement

As humans, there is always this urge to compare things. We see two similar products and we try to find the key differences or similarities between them. Most times, humans are keen on finding and comparing the key elements of two entities and how we can tell one apart from the other. Making comparisons is important to widen and deepen our understanding of the subjects being compared.

In constructing a compare and contrast thesis statement, it is important to use related items to point both items to a common course. It is quite easy to construct a thesis statement of this sort. However, it is very important to use the right points in making any form of comparison or contrast. This point can in turn be used to create a thesis for compare and contrast essay.

Compare and Contrast Thesis Examples

Below are examples of thesis statements:

  1. Electric cars are safer, cleaner, and easier to maintain than biodiesel cars. Biodiesel cars, however, are still the major driving force of the auto industry of which can be attributed to a large number of biodiesel cars present in the market when compared to the small number of electric cars available for purchase.
  2. Unlike in a parasitic association where one organism deprives the other of basic nutrients and necessities, the symbiotic association comprises two organisms living and depending mutually on each other.
  3. Although IOS and Android are two of the most trusted products in the mobile phone market, the Android operating system offers a more open system compared to the IOS.
  4. While many Americans prefer to have a cat as a pet, others still rate dogs as better pets because dogs are considered more loyal than any house pets there are.
  5. Egypt and Sudan are known to have many pyramids built during ancient times. Egypt however accommodates more tourists even with fewer pyramids than Sudan.
  6. While many differences exist between Netflix and Disney, one of the most important is the availability of more movies and shows on the former than on the latter.
  7. Both Spotify and Tidal are well-known music streaming platforms. Spotify however, is far more popular than Tidal
  8. Though the plot of Harry Potter and The Wizards of OZ is very distinct. Both however manage a common core theme: Wizardry.
  9. World War I was fought with medieval weapons and archaic machinery, World War II was fought with quite advanced and modern artillery of which include tanks, airplanes, ships, and submarines. Both wars, however, were caused by imperialism, alliances, nationalism, and militarism.   
  10. While many exceptional footballers have been involved in the game of football, both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are considered the greatest players of all time.
  11. So many people today will mistake coca-cola for Pepsi as a result of their similar taste. Their brands, however, can be used to tell them apart.
  12. While it may seem as though women’s rights have improved drastically since ancient times, studies have shown that women are still the most oppressed and shamed sexually, morally, and emotionally when compared to men’s rights even in modern times.
  13. While North Korea and South Korea have always shared similar cultures and traditions since time immemorial, South Korea is more stable both politically and economically.
  14. Venus is often regarded as Earth’s twin as a result of the similar size, mass, distance, and composition between them. Earth however is still the only planet known to support life.
  15. Just like Google, Yahoo is a prominent search engine. But through massive innovation, and publicity, Google has become the major powerhouse in the tech industry.


Compare and contrast essay thesis should be able to introduce the reader to a paragraph without emphasizing too much on the subjects to be discussed. This makes them very important in the English language structure.

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