How to Write a Compare Contrast Thesis

In writing a compare and contrast thesis statement, establishing a common criterion to serve as the basis of comparison between the two entities to be compared or contrasted is of utmost importance. Generally, thesis statements are made to introduce a paragraph or summarize a point. This type of thesis statement, however, is made solely to serve as a structure of comparing two subjects on a variety of aspects. As humans, we compare things a lot. We see two similar products and we are keen on finding and comparing the key elements of the two entities and how we can tell one apart from the other.

In simple terms, a compare and contrast thesis statement is used to describe two subjects, that are alike in some way and also different in some other aspects. it is important to make comparisons; not just out of curiosity, but to widen and deepen our understanding of the subjects being compared.

Thesis Sentence Starters

Due to the comparative structure of compare and contrast theses statements, some specific phrases have been adopted to describe specifically, the relationship existing between both subjects. Some common thesis statement sentence starters include; one difference, conversely, another difference, unlike, whereas, both, although, etc. These words and phrases sometimes are found in the middle of a thesis statement. Nevertheless, they still act as determinants in a thesis statement of this sort and will help you know how to write a thesis for a compare and contrast essay.

What Makes a Thesis Statement Good?

What makes a thesis statement good? What qualities should this sort of thesis statement possess to be classified as good? A good comparative thesis essay should possess a clear and well-defined purpose that should be capable of describing the comparative structure of the two subjects, without laying more emphasis on the subjects. Knowing how to write a good thesis statement means knowing how to compose a meaningful statement on the significance of the comparative structure of both subjects. This means the differences should be clearly defined to shed more light on their similarities and vice versa. A good comparative thesis statement should have the similarities or differences clearly stated. There is no essence in comparing two entities when the criterion for comparison isn’t indicated. Stating the fact that both subjects resemble or both subjects are different without stating what makes them that way will lead to a thesis statement too bland to comprehend. A good comparative thesis has to approach the criterion in three independent ways:

  • Debating that both subjects are of equal viability.
  • Highlighting the differences between both subjects, and then how uncertain they are in the future market
  • Choosing the better one or the “winner” among both topics.

Tips in Composing Simple Compare and Contrast Theses

Knowing how to write a thesis for compare and contrast essay means knowing how to use these tips:

  1. Determine if The Subjects Should be Compared or Contrasted

It is important to pay close attention to the writing instructions before making any form of comparison. While some theses require you to compare and contrast both subjects, other theses may require you to either compare or contrast both subjects.

  1. Pick a Solid Strategy for Organization

In composing a comparative thesis statement, two primary ways can be used to go about it. The first, being the block structure, simply implies describing the qualities of both subjects in different paragraphs independently written. On the other hand, the point-by-point comparison describes the comparative structure of both subjects in a single statement and also includes a discussion on the two subjects. Organize sound ideas to be used in the comparison. Meaningful points should be used to create a common criterion in comparing both subjects.

  1. Use Meaningful Criteria as a Basis for Comparison

It is important to focus only on meaningful points when comparing and contrasting. This means only establishing both subjects on things that matter and not points considered baseless. For example, two books can be compared based on their plots and characters rather than by the color of the book cover or the number of pages.

Read the Compare & Contrast Thesis Template

To get a better idea of how a good compare & contrast thesis looks like, it’s important to look for some free examples online. Here is one of them provided below to help you write a better thesis:

Compare and Contrast Thesis Template


Knowing how to write a thesis for compare and contrast thesis are is important. The tips here will tell you how to write a thesis for a compare and contrast essay.

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